Replacing your Garage door is something that every homeowner will be doing if they own their home for a certain amount of time. There are 2 sorts of garage doors available, tilt up and sectional roll-up. The roll up door is considererably more expensive but will provide you with more features.

Tilts up doors have one panel, which tilts up and slides along the roof of the garage. Their mechanism is simple and they are an example of a basic garage door. They can either be mechanized with a remote control or opened manually.

Sectional roll up doors are made of a lot of horizontal sections. Each section is hinged to the next one. This means the door is quite flexible. The door is mounted on rollers and just rolls up along the roof when opened. Again you can operate this manually or automatically. The advantage of using a sectional roll up door is that it takes up less room and allows more space for your vehicle. It also looks better and will add to the real estate value of your home.

You must know that garage doors are produced from either steel or wood. Wood has it’s own charm for enhancing the splendor of your home but the fact is that it can spell doom if termites come into play. You can’t give up, rather you will have to fight back to halt this insect influx. Painting the doors at an interval of 1-2 years won’t help alone; you will have to make sure that they are water resistant. With extremes in temperature you may even witness a few warping to the wooden doors. There is no doubt that the amount of maintenance in case of wooden doors are comparatively more. But no question is raised on its grandeur as a result of which there is a rise in the real estate worth of your house. And beyond that, you shouldn’t be surprised to find that wood is less costly than stainless steel.

Steel is very durable and maintenance free. It does not rot or corrode when treated properly and will last a long time. They are more expensive but in the long run more convenient. Aluminum alloy doors can be used but bear in mind that these doors although cheaper are not as durable as the other types.

Try to maintain the mechanism of your door and keep the parts well oiled or they will become sluggish and break down. A steel door requires cleaning and waxing with car wax once a year. To avoid accidents with children and pets try to have a reverse option on your automatic remote. This will allow you more control if somebody gets in the way of the door.

Garage doors are not just a useful addition to your house they can also add to its decor. When you want to replace your garage door this should be considered too with along its practical use. How much time you can spare to maintain it should also be considered when thinking about buying a certain type of garage door. Many times garage doors can be seen from the street and will effect the look and feel of your house. So take a little care before you install one as it should be a positive investment for your home and increase its real estate value.

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